Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

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Re: Have to disagree.

Joe I think you are being fanboish about this stuff.
I think I know the difference between 5D and D3. You are just one of
those guys who tries to come up with good reasons to keep his Canon
equipment so to look like you made the best decision in life.

I used to think the same thing of Joe. However, I now know better.
I probably can't influence you one way or the other, but those are my
two cents. Also, the many great photos Joe took with the 5D before
the D3 came out are more than enough to demonstrate that he made a
very good decision indeed.

Thanks for the kind words, Amin! Actually, I am quite a fan of the 5D, but not so star-struck that I don't recognize how awesome the D3 is. : ) Money no object, I'd take the D3 over the 5D in a heartbeat if Nikon had the lenses I want. But, I've a strong feeling that I'd regret it the moment the 5DII comes out.

However, between the 1DIII and D3, I think the D3 wins handily. But the 5D is simply in a different category altogether. Not that you can't compare 5D, 1DIII, 1DsIII, and D3, mind you, but the differences in size, weight, and price are significant, as are the options in glass.

So, for the record, let me state that I am a 5D "fanboy", but am not blind. I fully recognize that other systems have significant advantages over the 5D, and I'm not talking of only the D3.

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