You Don't Need 1D and 8-10fps for Sports

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Re: Hear, hear!

Michael_J wrote:

I am sick to death of that tired old comparison as well - thanks for
shooting it down once again.

Thanks for your agreement Michael, despite the fact that the title of your post should have been "Here, here" and not "Hear, hear" (unless there is a subtle joke there which I have not seen), but I am not one to "nit pick"!!!

I cannot abide this inverted snobbery associated with comments such as "better gear does not make you a better photographer" - of course it bloody well does.

I am a "birder" more than a photographer but am also in the privileged position of being able to afford whatever I want, more or less. I find it offensive to be labelled a "gear head", "dude" or whatever simply because I travel around with $30,000 worth of kit in the back of my jeep but am an amateur and not a "pro" (dreadful term).

The same philosophy ( and equipment jealousy) exists amongst birders. My 'scope and two binoculars are state of the art and worth around $7,000 but I meet people in the field using equipment which is absolute cr@p who's view is "better optics don't make you see better birds" - total sphincters!.


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