Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

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Maciej Freudenheim Contributing Member • Posts: 512
Sorry Joe, you're wrong

joe mama wrote:

I think everyone is getting too paranoid about the comparison.
In terms of image quality no one has the say that his camera is
better. MarkIII even cannot. If you start comparing D3 and 5D for
what both cameras can do under the hood, then D3 is a clear winner.

How is a camera with worse low ISO performance the "clear winner"?

.. I have to disagree with your opinion. As an owner of both cameras, I don't agree with the above statement - it's just a false rumour that got spread on those forums and is being repeated by people who don't actually own both cameras, mainly by the Canon owners.

Don't understand me wrong Joe, I like your work a lot, your images are very good. But this statement is simply not true, I've shot a lot of images with 5D @ ISO100 and D3 @ ISO200, and basically with D3 you get:

1) Greater DR, especially in shadows, but it's easier to recover blown highlights as well

2) LESS NOISE, yes EVEN AT SUCH LOW ISOs - if I push both images a lot (heavy curves adjustments, saturation, heavy sharpening, other aggressive processing) I easily get noticeable noise (mainly in shadows and sky) with my 5D @ ISO100 images, while the noise is way less obvious (or none at all) with my D3 @ ISO200 images. This is especially useful if you want to create HDR-like effects from just one exposure (by stretching the RAW file in both directions) - D3 makes it sooooo much easier. And this is all at lowest possible native ISO values.

3) The sharpness would be the only plus of 5D low-iso (below ISO800) images: yes, they are more sharp than the D3 ones by default, but I've never had yet situation when I couldn't sharpen the D3 low-ISO image and get the equivalent results from both. You must apply different sharpening amount for both cameras, and that's it. Comparing both images with the same sharpening levels applied probably misleads people into believing that 5D shots are more detailed and sharper.

Again Joe, don't understand me wrong - I really like my 5D, it produces awesome images, I especially like my Canon primes (50mm 1.2L is soooo much better than Nikon's 50mm 1.4 that it's almost unbelievable, and I miss my 35mm 1.4L on the nikon side a lot), but saying that it has better performance at lower ISOs than D3 is simply not true.


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