Are You Right or Left-Eyed? What Determines That?

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Re: Are You Right or Left-Eyed? What Determines That?

Left-eyed and right-handed but left eye is more or less by nature...just that my left eye sees better and I am using less and less of my right eye and I am 27 only.

Hand thing is different though, because I was born a leftie but my parents thought it was a bad thing and kept beating my left hand so that I would use my right hand to hold pencil and chopsticks...but they forgot to train my right eye as well :P.

I posted a question in dpreview about a year ago and I asked if any of us had used eye-patches when shooting for an extended period of time.

I guess the head determines which eye (apparently, the better one) we should use if we have to squeeze one shut.

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