Buy 5d and sell 30D?

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Buy 5d and sell 30D?

Here is my story, I had played with an old AE-1 film camera and loved the photos I got from it.

I then decided to get a digital Canon and bought the XT. I loved the photos from it but it seemed a little too small and it did not have everything I liked so I sold it.

I then bought the 30D and liked the photos but was never impressed. I have been working with my 30D for a while and have taken it in to canon a couple times to check AF screen and it turned up a problem. They fixed it and said all was good. I still feel allot of my photos miss focusing or the colors don't always look good or overexposure. Up until now I have said it is all my fault. As I know you can't really blame the equipment only yourself.

Now I recently did a fashion show shoot and my camera was missing focusing maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of my photos. I am getting frustrated with the 30D. I don't want to say it is a bad camera but I was more impressed with my XT's photos than it's.

Could there just be a problem with the camera and maybe it not all be me?

When I shoot I want to look at the photos and say wow those are sharp, or look at those colors!

Also by the way I am shooting with L glass, and even when I go to shoot just some outdoors stuff and stand perfectly still with a fast shutter the photos are still not sharp!

I want to feel like I am shooting with film... Most of my photos were tack sharp!

Can the 5D maybe fit the bill?

Thanks for listening
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