Sigma 50mm f1.4!

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Re: I am excited

I doubt if the new sigma would destroy the canon 1.4. My copy (got it 2 months ago) has excellent sharpness and focus accuracy.

Chez Wimpy wrote:

pso wrote:

If it's good at f/1.4 (which my Canon 50 f/1.4 isn't), I'd get it for
sure and of course if the lens is sharp all around.

It will destroy the Canon at f1.4... but the ultimate "sharp all
around" optical formula might still prove elusive. It really depends
on what people's standards are, but I can certainly appreciate a
future where-in a FF kit contains two lenses, a 50/2.8 macro (or the
50/1.8?) and the Sigma 50/1.4, the decision on which to mount rests
on the needs of the photographer in a given situation. Rest assured
this lens will made for that first stop 1.4-2.0... and thank Sigma
for saving me $1000 (50L) towards the purchase of the 5D successor

According to the interview with Mr. Yamaki Sigma is not going to
introduce any portrait (ie 85-100) primes (production on the
tele-zooms taking up all their resources), or lenses shorter than 50
with HSM (that chunky motor from the 30/1.4). As much as I would
like to see a 35/2.0 FF with these optical characteristics, I think
Canon will continue to dominate in the non-normal focal range. Thats
all and well because they have done a really impressive job on the
85-100-135-200 range, and they seem poised to redo the wide end (24,

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