Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

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Re: 5D histogram is completely inaccurate....

has anyone got any links to any other full size comparisons.. I'm interested in these things, only in desperation of waiting for dpreview to do a proper review with their test targets and standard scenes to perhaps finally see what is possible with the D3.

One thing i've spotted just scanning the images now, its very clear that the 5D image is larger than the D3 one, or rather more zoomed in or closer. The tripod did NOT move when i was shooting. But looking at the American Civil War text or the buttons they are noticably bigger on the 5D than the D3. It'd be nice if i could have got the scenes more closely matching.

Its all academic, they're close enough for us to see the cameras are similar, seperating as ISO increases. I'd not uploaded them to lead to a debate on whether canon or nikon were better, i'm happy with both, I think i'm moving towards Nikon kit but i don't think i'll get rid of my 5D, its too good, and a nice light and relatively cheap substitute.

I'm hoping that it helps some people.. I know i personally like to see the 100% res quality possible from any camera that i would consider buying, and its something thats sometimes not easy to find. If i get chance to frame it better and more aligned between both cameras i may try again sometime to shoot another test scene.. in that case i'll try different raw converters too.

Anyways that's about it... i hope it holds up well when i'll be relying on it over the next few weeks.


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