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Quick in-camera UniWB for D3/D300

Darren Langdon wrote:

Could someone please clarify this for me. I see no sheet icon or
green dot anywhere in the software. I assume "bring the white balance
menu" means open the white balance menu in capture nx under base

With the advent of Green-Magenta axis WB shift in the D3 and D300, it's possible to set up a good UniWB in-camera.
D300: Set manual WB to 5000K with G5 shift.
D3: Set manual WB to 4760K with G5 shift.

This is very accurate for the D300. For the D3, the Green histogram will still indicate about 1/10 stop low - if anyone cares.

With this adjustment, all channels will have about 3/4 stop of headroom when the histogram reaches the right side (when the highlight warning starts to blink).

Disclaimer: This setup was established at a sensitivity of ISO 1600. I have not checked its accuracy at other ISO settings yet.

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