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Re: Photoshop action to remove any color fringe

I strongly encourage you to use the Shay Stephens Color Fringe actions....I guess it's only a minor payment en lieu of very helpful can control not only CA fringes but also any other color areas that are not adequate for your's non destructive, and intensity of color fringe reduction can be controlled by can also erase from the adjustment layer it automatically creates all masked areas that have the SAME color as the fringe, but you don't want to takes seconds....the action has both an automatic purple fringe reducer, and the manual color (any color) reducer....I have used this tool for some 3-4 years's a basic ingredient of my routine...

Now, having said this, I have lately used also with some success the CS3 Noise reduction tool...basically with the color noise reduction slider at 60+ you also can control most lens color fringing...reds can be sometimes affected, though, and you don't have the flexibility of Shay Stephens' tools for erasing the masking in areas you don't want to affect, but, honestly, I am using more and more in my routine the CS3 noise recution to initially control my lens fringes (or for producing fasta proofs using batch actions)...for final art, or ifI am not satisfied with the CS3 Noise reduction, then I apply the Shay Stephens tools...

Hope I have been explicative enough...



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