Picture Style Setting - what do you use??

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Re: Picture Style Setting - what do you use?? Snapshot-Portrait!

Brian L Scott wrote:

I was just surprise at the difference in changing the contrast made.
WOW - I have always like a little constrast but +1 was very edgy.

Generally speaking, increasing contrast causes dark tones to be pushed further toward black, and light tones to be pushed further toward wihite. Depending on the upper and lower levels of the existing data, you risk pushing information at both ends "over the edge." That's OK if you shoot RAW, because you can correct the file later, but a JPG created from this will be permanently missing whatever detail was contained near the upper and lower limits.

I think it's OK to shoot JPG, particularly if you're pressed for time and shooting lots of frames. However, it's still important to do everything possible to preserve whatever data is captured by the sensor. Even if you don't optimze every image, this allows you the best chance of saving those that weren't shot exactly the way you wanted.


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