Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

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Re: Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

dark goob wrote:

The Nikon has much richer and more realistic color, and is noticeably
sharper and less noisy at 3200 (especially at the edges; look at the
detail of the lettering on the lenses at the bottom of the frame).

Really can't go with your "richer and more realistic color" thought. One of the reasons I went to the 5D is it's color. I've yet to see skin colors I would actually use from the D3 samples I've seen so far. I'd like to see some good ones and I hope they actually exist. I'd hate to see this effort by Nikon with so many great features and generally excellent IQ be negated by what I would term as unusable skin colors.

Someone restore my faith please.

Now, until the D3, how many Nikon shooters used anything higher than ISO 400 seriously? Now it seems ISO 1600 is too slow to consider and only high ISO is worthy of consideration.

I've shot ISO 800 a few times and ISO 1600 just to see it, but that's about it. I don't even use ISO 200 unless I don't have or can't use a tripod.

However, I would not say it looks $2500 better...

Of course it doesn't.

Of course the extra speed of the D3, compatibility with older MF
Nikon lenses, higher max ISO, far superior screen, weather proofing,
superior light meter, superior ergonomics, superior viewfinder, etc.
would be the thing that justifies the extra $2500.

I hope so if you've actually spent the money. I'm very satisfied with the 5D's "limited" features but wow-worthy IQ. And with the price I actually paid for the 5D, I still have nearly $3000 to figure out what to do with.

The focus is very fast and highly accurate, FPS is way faster than I need, even though only 3 fps, and I find the histogram very useful for serious evaluation of my exposures, and as mentioned already, I'm very happy with the colors. I mean, we're talking about digital here, and if like me, you shoot RAW, color is a moot point. However, even with jpegs I'm very happy with the colors.

No, I don't shoot high ISO and neither does most of those who are saying we now need it. Of course it wasn't needed for the last several years, but now it is. I would agree that Canon, and now Nikon have given us so many more options with ISO choices. Who could be unhappy with that?! Especially those who actually need and use it.

I would have to argue the "superior ergonomics" though. For me the 5D is a perfect fit with all the stuff where it's so simple to find/use. Ergonomics is purely subjective, even if the majority perfer one over the other, it's still subjective and doesn't belong as a serious consideration other than personal. IQ is a more tangible argument than ergonomics.


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