Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

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Re: Why 5D shots better exposed

Amin Sabet wrote:

Addressed here:

Agree with you Max that manual exposures would have been preferred.
Also agree that the test is useful and interesting as it was done.
Getting the whole test "right" is a tedious and difficult process
even for pro reviewers, and like you I'd rather see this kind of
imperfect test than no test.

How is it "imperfect" if it properly evaluates and compares AE abilities also?

The purpose of the comparison was to evaluate IQ between the two similar FF bodies, and not really anything else. So far, everyone who seems Nikon biased is yelling about the "greater features" or "faster fps" or "better(?) glass..." (yea, right!) of the Nikon, but in the end, what people will be looking at is your photo and not your lens, fps or "greater features".

However, when one of those "features" is unable to properly expose this simple test, some want to say "imperfect test". Are you saying the D3 can't AE as well, so it's imperfect? The 5D doesn't apply NR to the file before writing the RAW data either, so does that make it imperfect too?

Perhaps the test perfectly exposes the exposure problem?

I'm just asking the questions.

I think everyone here would agree that side by side priints, at any size, from these two bodies would not show enough difference to 99 out of 100 viewers. They would probably wonder why someone hung two of the same image up for view.

Now do this comparison with any earlier Nikon and....well, you know what would happen.

Congrats to Nikon for finally having something to compare with on every level, even though the D3 and 5D are widely different approaches to a camera solution. Even so, if used in the same manner for 90% of what most would do with them, there's not enough difference in the results to really quibble about.

For me, this comparison says that Nikon is a valid consideration for a serious camera solution to anyone interested. Yes, you don't NEED a Canon to get great IQ anymore. There is another option now.


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