Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

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Re: 5D histogram is completely inaccurate....

I would rather have an 85mm 1.4 and be able to shoot at 6400, than have an 85mm 1.2 but be relegated to 1600. Simple math.

Also, Nikon's glass is better. You can see in the provided images that the Nikon's color saturation and clarity is superior. Don't assume that is all because of the sensor and electronics. A lot of that has to do with the glass itself.

Case in point: take a pair of Canon L-series binoculars. Now take the best pair of Nikon binoculars (Monarch I think). Look through each pair. The difference is remarkable. (Of course, if you then look through some Leica Trinovids, then you will never want to use a Japanese lens again. But anyway.)


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