Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

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Re: 5D histogram is completely inaccurate....

NickMJr wrote:

Maciej Freudenheim wrote:

Bimthecat wrote:

The 5D is Prosumer & slow.

Hehe, and how it affects IQ, precisely?

Whats the point of having great image quality if the picture taken is
not what you wanted because of slow AF and frame rate.

But the AF is not slow. Actually with (most) primes it feels faster - thanks to the fact that Canon sports USM (ultrasonic) focusing in all primes, while Nikon uses "coffee-grinder" AF in all (except super teles and 105VR) primes.

For sports/action/birds D3 without a doubt is the better camera. But not everybody shoots those, for instance I do not, and Bim didn't state that as photography he means only sports/action and birds.

I really need faster frame rates than 1 fps so rarely, that I would be happy with my D3 even if it had 3 fps. Great IQ for some is everything, for those who really need sophisticated AF and fast frame rate, D3 is a much better tool.

So, for me having great IQ is by far more important than having a big fps number.

OP took the comparison shots on tripod with mirror lock up enabled, I doubt he needed 51 AF points and/or 11 fps for this.

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