Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

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Kabe Luna
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No surprises here

Having used the 5D since November 2005, the results are to be expected: more detail at low ISO from the 5D, but also more moire (check out the type on the left-facing page); more shadow noise for the 5D, too, even at the base ISO. Zoom out a bit, and we'd probably start to see moire in the upholstery, too. Hit the D3 file with a bit of sharpening, and you've got very nearly as detailed, but more artifact-free an image. FWIW, Capture One 4 would have delivered crisper results for both cameras than Aperture 2.1.

jimbobuk wrote:

A few weeks ago i had chance to try and test out my new D3 against
the 5D. At the time i was trying out using Capture One 4, but hit a
snag when one file just converted very very softly for the D3 (iso
12800, yet 25600 was fine).. I then discovered how great Capture NX
was with the same images, and left it there.

I'm currently testing Aperture 2.1 and have used this to convert both
sets of raw files out of the 5D and the D3... the settings are all at
the defaults, so there is more and less NR happening, and seemingly
more and less sharpening.

This test is by no means thorough or accurate but it may be helpful
to some. The details are

Canon 5D
Canon 50mm f1.8 @ f9
Mirror lock up, self timer

Nikon D3
Nikon 50mm f1.4 @ f9
Mirror lock up, annoyingly no self timer support so i had to leave
each shot 30 seconds for the shot to auto take which sometimes meant
light had changed in that 30 second window.

Also the D3 is a different size to the 5D so i had to adjust the
tripod center column to try and align the photos.. this along with
perhaps differences in the exact FOV of the lenses means that the two
shots are never quite perfectly equivelant.

They are close though, and what can be seen is that seemingly the 5D
is sharper at lower isos, though there isn't a lot in it. Also the 5D
in this scene scales up well through the ISOs.. detail doesn't seem
to suffer much at all, its only in the shadows where the noise
becomes noticably worse than the D3.. and also the details do start
to go by ISO 3200.

Slightly frustrating that the D3 doesn't kill the cheaper canon, but
then again what were you to expect with them being similar megapixel,
and pixel pitch sensors.

Anyways here's the images

I do remember when shooting this how much more i preferred the feel
of the D3 in my hand.. so quick to get used to nikon after using
Canon for a few years.. oh and the 5D does feel a bit like a toy next
to it.. though part of that is thanks to its extremely light weight.

Hope the shots are helpful to someone.

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