Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

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Re: 5D histogram is completely inaccurate....

You can't buy 28/1.4 anywhere so it doesn't count. (If you think otherwise, please point me where can I order this lens - I would like to buy one)

85 1.4 is OK, I own one, except that its "coffee-grinder" AF can be quite annoying.

But how this lens is "better" (remember, it's about the Bim's statement that "D3 has better lenses" than Canon) than Canon's 85 f/1.2L? A lot of people say that 85mm 1.2L is one of the best from Canon offering.

Dunno about 105DC/180

200/2.0 has direct equivalent in Canon (200mm f/2.0L IS)
24-70/2.8 the same situation (24-70/2.8L)

14-24 is indeed a good example. It's unmatched on the Canon side.

Thomas Streng wrote:

105 DC
200/2.0 VR

Frienkly I think both brands offer some really nice lenses

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