Nikon D3 vs Canon 5D - test shots

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Re: Half a test can be better than none -

Maciej Freudenheim wrote:

Someone had to really do something wrong with this test.
Some time ago I compared 1Ds3 and D3 RAW files of the very same
scene, both shot on the tripod, and no matter what I did 1Ds3 won in
details/resolution - what was pretty much expected. If I downsized
the 1Ds3 shot to match the D3's resolution, I could actually still
see differences after applying a lot of sharpening to both shots on
my computer display when looked at shots at 100% - the 1Ds3 shot was
slightly (really a very little) more detailed.
If I upsized the D3 shot to match the 1Ds3 resolution, the
differences were big, favoring the 1Ds3.

I own a D3 and I don't really understand why people believe that D3
outresolves (in terms of details) 1Ds3? It sounds like a bulls*it and
is bullsh*t..

I have seen many reviews now of both the D3 and the 1Ds mkiii. What I find really funny and amazing is that these reviews continue to compare the 1Ds mkiii with the D3 where the proper comparison in terms of target market is the 1D mkiii, namely photo journalists and sports shooters, who need the frame rate and can live with the lower resolution of these cameras. What will these magazines now write when the proper competition and the real comparative cameras come from Nikon and Sony?

Anyway it will be interesting to see what the quality level will be of these new cameras, but I would be really surprised if they are not very close to the 1Ds mkiii, but slightly surpassing the 1Ds mkiii in resolution as would be expected from the higher pixel count.

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