Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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Re: I shoot RAW+jpg

jeminijosepth: This is explained above in this thread in the post labeled "A Brief Explanation." This WB helps set proper exposure, but basically assumes you are shooting RAW. You would then correct for WB in PP using a gray card or some such device. I should suspect that the WB adjustment that would be needed for JPEG would be problematic.

I guess in principle, when shooting JPEG, you could use UniWB to determine the proper exposure then switch to an appropriate WB before actually taking the shot. But this is going to be very awkward for everyday use -- maybe for special occasions when you have plenty of time to set up the shot and ETTR is very important.

So, basically, if you are shooting JPEG, whether or not with RAW, this is not likely to be of much use.

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