Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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Re: I shoot RAW+jpg

jeminijoseph wrote:

So if we have to adjust WB in the converter what's the advantage of
having this WB? I use Capture NX for conversion. Do we have to use
auto WB in NX to get the use of this? I guess I'm not getting the

It will look green just make sure you exposure is good for maximum DR expose to the right (ETTR). Now that you a properly exposed image you need a grey reference to bring it to the correct color. I shoot a whibal or grey card or something close to neutral grey in the same light and save that when processing and apply it to other images with similar light. This is easly done in NX. The point is with UNIWB your exposure will be accurate with maximized DR and proper WB. You still need a grey reference.

Also, the camera should be setup with a linear curve, but I found good results with Standard Picture control with minimal settings.

Best of Luck!

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