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Re: One last note on the upcoming review -

I ordered one just yesterday evening. The best price here in Germany is EUR 529,-, which is roughly USD 830,- so a little bit more expensive than in the US. But since we usually have to pay EUR = USD this is already a kind of bargain... My dealer says, it will be shipped within 1-2 weeks, so let's wait and see.

Actually I also planned to wait for the review, but the season of the german ladies football league is starting by end of April. So I need to get it until then..

I cannot see from the existing 'reviews' that this camera is "overall poor" but I hope that it will offer me exactly the performance I need. That is, high speed continuous shooting (3MP is enough, as I will only post the shots on the internet), long tele zoom and a good depth of field.

As I will also do landscape photography, the 28mm wide will be quite handy to me.

I can, however, return it to the dealer within two weeks due to our consumer-friendly "Fernabsatzgesetz" in case I will be (too) disappointed of its performance.
Fingers crossed.

Your eyes are the best cam.

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