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A brief explanation.

UniWB provides a WB setting that allows the camera's color histograms to reflect far more accurately the exposure of each color channel. These histogram readings, therefore, allow one to assess exposure more correctly.

You would use it when shooting RAW (not JPEG) and would reestablish the correct WB for the shot during PP. The images taken with UniWB do indeed have a very greenish tint as displayed on the camera's LCD, but, of course, the RAW files themselves are not affected by the WB setting -- but the histograms are.

While this WB can be used at any time, its main value is when the scene is particularly lively in one or more color channels and one needs more accurate information to know the proper exposure to prevent clipping in those channels.

The purpose of the file to be downloaded at

is to provide a JPEG file that allows D300 owners to establish the UniWB as a manual preset in a very convenient manner. The process for effecting this is explained on page 142 of the D300 manual. Essentially, you copy the downloaded image DSC0001 to the image folder on your CF memory card. This folder is located inside the DCIM folder and is named xxxND300, where the x's can vary. Restore the memory card to the camera and follow the instruction on page 142. You can copy the WB information from this JPEG into any of the four manual preset d1, d2, d3, or d4, and then use the chosen preset when you want to employ UniWB.

Note: if you already have a file named DSC0001 on your camera's CF card, you should change the name of the downloaded file to some DSCxxxx that does not conflict.

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