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Re: One receiver to Trigger multiple Flashes

Hi Mufutau,

I just saw your question.

If you are trying to trigger flashes that are not connected to any receiver, the only way I know how is to use the flashes' built in optical slave mode. That's what I used to do when I was using Microsync. I had only one receiver for one flash. The other flash (Sigma 500 DG Super) was in slave mode so that when the flash that was connected to a receiver fired, it triggered the Sigma. But to do this, the two flashes would have to be within the range where Sigma would see the first flash. If you are shooting in a room, that's not a problem. In fact, I still do it that way a lot of the times.

Hope this answers your question.


mufutau55 wrote:
Genes, or other good knowledgeable samaritan and helpers out there..
Is there a way to use one Transmitter and one Receiver to trigger
three flashes wirelessly? may be with some sort of other little
adapters on the other two flashes that does not have the Receiver

Simply put, I mean instead of buying three receivers for three
flashes, to just buy one receiver and use that to trigger other two

This your ealier sample photo connectection uses wire between the
flashes and the receiver, but I mean just to use it wirelessly.


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