Recommendations for print profiler please

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Re: Recommendations for print profiler please

Marty, thank you for the correction. Think I read that about the colored LEDs some time ago and just forgot.

On my CD profiling target, it is on hold at the moment. I printed the 3 CD targets, spot scanned them--took over an hour trying to keep my place when reading a round target and looking at a square screen target. When printed, the color patches were vastly off from what is on the ref.txt file and I believe it is because of the poor surface on the CD, maybe also because of reflection from the CD through the off white surface of the CD, just dont know. In any case, when softproofing with the profile, there was a tremendous shift from color on the ref file, terrible loss of contrast, way more than the usual, and some real shifting of particular colors. I need to play with it some when I have more time.

I will let you know, but may not be real soon.

Thanks again,

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