$1000 Budget for lens

Started Apr 2, 2008 | Discussions thread
Don Trust Contributing Member • Posts: 544
my experience

OK, here's what I've found...

Sigma 100-300 EX F4, 5 years old: worked perfectly on my 10D, now works perfectly on my 40D.

Sigma 18-200, 4 years old: same as above.

Tamron 28-75 F2.8, 2 years old: same as above

Quantaray 19-35mm. 6 years old: same as above

So, my experience is that 3rd party lenses work just fine, and the Sigma 100-300 and Tamron 28-75 are really, really good lenses.

Oh, BTW, the only lens I ever had a problem with was my Canon 85mm F1.8. It occasionally gave me an ERR99 on my 10D. I think it was dirty contacts, though, as I have never been able to repeat the problem either with the 10D or the 40D after the initial couple times.

zsd101 wrote:

Are the non-Canon lenses really that good? I have a 40D, but was
lead to believe that only Canon lenses will REALLY work with it, so
that's all I've bought. Are the others, like the ones mentioned in
the above post really able to take advantage of what the 40D can
offer? I'm NOT trying to be a troll here, but am genuinely curious,
as there are at least a couple of non-Canon lenses I'd like to try.



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