This new hobby of mine...

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Re: This new hobby of mine...

Well... Too many people go about life without ever looking up. That is, noticing their surroundings. Not just looking, but seeing*.

Photography pushes me to look in a different way and to take notice. Besides, when I am on the other side of the viewfinder, I can do things I normally would not without some wine in the mix It is almost like a shield that I can hide behind and "gives me permission" to be an observer.

That is what does it for me. Perhaps for you is something different, but after reading your post I thought I should share.

At value of anecdote. I bought my first SLR at 16 (and old Miranda Sensormat RE) which was then an old used camera. I used the last of my pennies to get that baby, and had no money left for a single roll of film. I shot with that thing without film for about three months, just to get used to it and out of shear pleasure, and have never regretted I don't have one pic. to show for it

  • A famous architect, during the construction of a Cathedral walk up to a stonemason and asked him "what are you doing?". "Cutting stone" the man replied. The architect then walked down the path to another mason and asked him "What are you doing?", to which the man replied "I am building a Cathedral".

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