Coolpix 3 (spoiler)

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Coolpix 3 (spoiler)

Well a Taiwanese website posted this (translated from Chinese). Don't ask me any question as I am NOT the original poster and I'm just a translator.


I played 3 new Coolpix cameras last Saturday:

1. Coolpix 5700, 8x optics, 5mp, looks like Fuji but I like the handling. The prototype is kind of slow when focusing. F2.8-4.2, didn't see the exact size of lense but it's quite big, around 58-70mm I guess.

2. Coolpix 4500, 4x optics, 4mp, looks exactly like the 950/990/995, feel it's a bit smaller and lighter. Didn't try any shooting (not interested).

3. Coolpix 2000, 3x optics, 2mp, shape is like a normal P&S. The small lense extracts when turning off and extends when turning on. Handling feels very plastic, very light. Price is said to be quite copmetitive, I could believe it when hearing it. Didn't try shooting (not interested).

According to internal source, CP5700 will be available in August, not sure about 4500/2000. Sorry I can't provide product photos because they are from internal source. I hope I can post them later.

Above is for your reference only. Don't shoot me if you don't like them. Thanks.

The 5700 uses Li batter, quite small. I played with the 5700 until it ran out of batter. An external charger is included. I didn't play with the 4500/2000 so I didn't see what battery they use.

As far as trial shots I am quite satisfied. However, the aperature is still small even the size of lense is so big, only 2.8.

The 8x zoom is quite impressive, overall look is excellent. I hope I can get more information about 4500/2000.

I can't post too much because it's obtained internally.

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