FZ50 Expansion!

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Shawn Storm
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FZ50 Expansion!

Hi Folks,

In my endless search for the perfect camera.. I have decided that my first step is to "pimp out" my FZ50. I read through this forum a bit and done some research, but still want to get your opinions in case I missed some older posts.

I want to get the best of the following items:
Tele Converter Wide Angle Converter
Polarizing Filter

From what I have read so far.. it sounds like the winners could be the Nikon TC-E17ED for the best Tele, and the Panasonic LW55 for the wide angle? My only issue is that these both seem rather expensive (especially the Nikon).

Also.. I now have the Raynox 150 and 250 adapters... and LOVE them. I would like to be able to stack them and it seems the universal adapter that they come with doesn't do this well. I assume a "step down" or "step up" ring would do better.. what kind and size would I need? Also - does it work better to have the 250 on top of the 150 or vice versa.. or does it matter?

Lastly.. I am also thinking of getting the DMW-RS1 remote shutter. Is that the only option for the FZ50? Worth getting?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!


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