SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

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Re: FlashWaves vs Skyport ... BTW which camera sync at 1/1000s?

Quite understood your message. I guess buy extra to avoid "Murphy's Law".
I think I am still leaning towards the Flashwaves. Thank you.


Genes Pentax wrote:

Hi Mufutau,

I understand and share your concern about the long distance support.
You are right about that. When the Chinese made Cactus triggers went
south on me, I had to mail it back to them, etc. In the end, the
cost of mailing back to them (twice) was as much as (if not more
than) the cost of Cactus triggers.

If you get a defective product from g9chon guys, then you'll also
have to mail it back to them. So, that's the risk you are taking.
The difference from buying something from B&H is that the cost of
mailing back to would be more than cost of mailing
something back to B&H (at least for me ... since I'm in the DC area).

Anyhow, it was a calculated risk I took. I figured I can mail
something back to them for about $10 ~ $20 if I got a defective item
vs. $5~10 for shipping something back to B&H.


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