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High speed sync does NOT work with Skyport

Hi John,

Two things:
1. You are not reading what I wrote.

  • Wanting something and being able to do something are two completely different things.

2. It sounds like you don't know how high speed sync (HSS) works.

First, what I wrote is that it’s impossible to sync at 1/1000s because the camera has limitations, not b/c of Skyport. I see that you are using Canon 40D. Well, if you think you can use Skyport and Canon 40D to sync at 1/1000s, be my guest. Go for it! If you can, I will gladly pay for your Skyport! (Heck, if you can sync your 40D at 1/1000s with Skyport, I will pay for your 40D and all your Canon lenses also!)

But, as I wrote, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to sync your flash with your camera at 1/1000s using Skyport. That’s even if you really really realy want to do it. The CAMERA will simply not let you do it. It's not Skyport. It's your CAMERA!

I did not say that people don’t want to sync at 1/1000s. Heck, I wish I could sync it at 1/1000s also! (Can I sync at 1/1000s using HSS? Yes. But not with Skyport, PW or Flashwaves.) But the FACT is that with Skyport (Pocket Wizard or FlashWaves), you simply CANNOT do it. It’s technically impossible because there is no camera can do it! (No camera that I know of … certainly not your Canon 40D.)

Second, I see that you are a pro photographer. Think you'd know better. I’m surprised you don’t. If you’ve read this thread, especially the discussion about Radio Poppers, you would know that HSS is a bit different from having a high sync speed. I really don’t want to waste this space beating the dead horse again, but I think you can learn about HSS and how that works simply by doing some search on Google or this forum.

As for using higher shutter speed using HSS function at some distance, you’ll be able to do it with your Canon (as well as Nikon users), but it’ll cost you about $600 (for more info, see ) But you definitely will NOT be able to do HSS with Skyport.

Bottom line is this. Whether it’s Skyport, Pocket Wizard, Bowen Pulsar, Chinese made Cactus, or FlashWaves, the limitation is the CAMERA, not the radio slave. These are the max sync speed of the cameras:
Your Canon 40D: 1/250s
Canon 1Ds Mark III: 1/250s
My Pentax ist D: 1/150s
Pentax K10D and K20D: 1/180s
Nikon D70 and D50: 1/500s
Nikon D200 and D3: 1/250s
A Hasselblad that costs $25,000, 1/800s.

Those are the facts. Look them up on the manufacturer’s website or DPReview’s camera review page.

Again, to beat the dead horse one more time (I think it’s pretty much pulverized by now …), because you cannot use HSS function with Skyport (or PW or Flashwaves), the max sync speed with them is limited by your CAMERA.


John down under wrote:

Genes Pentax wrote:

mufutau55 wrote:

Could someone please enlighten a novice like me; in which situation
or circumstances will someone need 1/1000s sync to trigger a flash or
a strobe, because I think some camera like my Canon cannot only sync
like 1/250 anyway?. Pardon me for the stupid question, I am just
learning. Thanks.

I'm not sure whether many people need 1/1000s sync speed. It
certainly would be nice to be able to sync at that speed. But the
limitation, as you mentioned, is the camera, not the radio slave. I
don't know of any CAMERA that can sync at 1/1000s. Nikon D70 can
sync at 1/500. A $25,000 Hasselblad can sync at 1/800s..... but if
you can afford a Hasselblad then you probably can easily afford
Pocket Wizards.

Bottom line is that having a radio slave that can sync at 1/1000s is
great. But that's rather like having a set of tires with 200mph
rating on '71 VW Beetle with max speed of 80mph.

Gene, this whole thread is quite one-sided and your information has
contributed to that imbalance by ignoring some common flash
situations. I have no problem with people preferring Flahshwaves if
they are the right tool for the job for those people. However, high
speed sync is very common with flashguns and is one of the obvious
reasons why anyone might want to sync at up to 1/1000 sec, althoug h
even 1/250 sec sync speed of many cameras would be more useful than
1/180 sec. For anyone shooting in reaosonable light outside, the
ability to sync a lot faster than 1/180 sec is a real issue.

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