What Kind of Batteries Do YOU Use? (MB-10 Grip & SB-800) *D300

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Re: What Kind of Batteries Do YOU Use?MB-D10,....Duracells

I got tired of contributing AA batteries to my local landfill and kicked drycell AA batteries to the curve. I recently migrated to Duracell 2000mah rechargeables. The technogly of the "new" low/slow discharge batteries is the same from one battery mfr to another. The new technology supposively enables 85% of the battery's charge capacity to be available some 12 months later,..per Duracell. Unlike the old technology, old tech batteries have much higher capacity,...2500mah, 2650mah,..2700mah, etc., but would drain down much faster,..in weeks. Again, per Duracell.

So, I purchased a Maha MH-C801D charger,...a boat load of AA 2000mah Duracells to power my D300, 3 SB-800s and 580-EXII.

Lastly, I just used the D300 tethered to a notebook at an event for a solid 4 hours and the in camera btry meter indicated a full charge of batteries in the MB-D210. I can tell you that if the D300 was powered only by an en-el3e there would have been significant power consumption.

Having said all of that,...I just may not purchase the BL-3 btry adapter.

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