S100fs via basic DSLR...price, budget, features, etc...

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Re: S100fs via basic DSLR...price, budget, features, etc...

I was looking to move into the area of the DSLR world and the S100FS looked to be a good alternative to say the Sony A350, or Nikons (not keen on Canon I'm afraid don't know why really). Price not really the main reason it just seemed to encompass all the trickery available in a modern camera with a good zoom to boot. Played with one today and was left somewhat underwhelmed. The camera feels good in the hand, better than the Sony (gap between lens mount & grip too small for my fingers they get wedged in) the viewfinder image however is miniscule, but the big drawback for me?? The pop-up flash protrudes too far over the zoom ring on the camera leading to you popping up the flash inadvertantly with your thumb unless you are meticulous with your hand placement. Doesn't really work for me I'm afraid and I so wanted it to.

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