1D MKIII etc. Review; WHEN???

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1D MKIII etc. Review; WHEN???

What is the deal? There hasn't been a review of high-end DSLR's on this site since August 2005 when the Canon 5D came out. HEY PHIL!! We're waiting for the 1D MKIII, the 1Ds MKIII, the Nikon D3... I can understand spreading the wealth, but c'mon!!

You'd think he would have taken advantage of the opportunity to increase traffic by posting a side-by-side review of the 1D MKIII and the D3. Sure, the P&Ss sell more units, but we pros spend more per capita BY FAR in high-end lenses, software, accessories, etc.

The huge debate on the quality of the 1D MKIII AF, D3 "superiority", etc. is a perfect time to build traffic.

I just seems like the lights are on but no one's home. Hello?... Anybody listening???

Are you telling me that doing such exhaustive analysis on P&Ss is the correct strategy? The life cycle of these camera's is 8 months! Do people really go to DP Review to carefully pour over these reviews on a $150 purchase? Or even an $800 purchase for that matter? Well, I can tell you we certainly do on a $4,000 or an $8,000 purchase, and YOU'RE NOT DELIVERING, DUDE!

You do reports on PMA; on WPPI; on PhotoKi (whatever that German show is...) firmware updates are announced; upgrades on Lightroom, PS, new high-end lenses are announced, but WHERE are the reviews on the DSLRs?????????

If you want us to go away just say so.

Well, I just don't get it.

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