First try with a Jupiter 9

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Re: First try with a Jupiter 9

My pleasure,

I'm happy for you,

You should notice there are 2 aperture rings the one in front sets the "limit" for stop down, the one in the middle (just in front of the focus ring) both locks the limit ring and stops down the lens for the final shot...

That's pretty confusing so, if the front ring seems locked turn the middle ring to free it....

Then set your front ring to a desired max aperture "limit"----DONE

then turn the middle ring to full open to---- focus--focus--focus

Now twist the middle ring to stop it down---You know it's whatever you just preset

(pretty cool)

Now turn the shutter speed wheel to bring the EV in line....AND

Shoot perfectly exposed pictures with a pre-chosen aperture while retaining the ability to focus wide open AND

Without taking your eye out of the finder...

Hope that makes sense to you.

A mode? does not make sense to me, but

Best Regards

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