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Re: somehow Lightroom manages to do that as well...

kovacj wrote:

... and with much better "performance".

I'm not so sure about that - LR is pretty slow as well, at least on my computer.

The old RSP was the speed king, and Capture One 4 is pretty fast, too - but they have other issues...

NX reminds me of ACR and Bridge as an integrated product, they really
didn't stretch themselves on the interface. The control points are
kinda cool in that you can see a mask of the targetted area, but one
cool feature does not a good product make.

It's not just the Control Points. It's about how long it takes to make the image look like you want it to! In LR/ACR, I just never get the colors quite right. And I've fiddled with the calibration sliders for hours

I can get decent output from LR - but even after spending quite some time adjusting sliders I still can't beat the plain NX conversion using the in-camera parameters! And that's the real advantage of using NX.



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