s100fs vs. EX-F1 vs. 400d Xti. - Mind made up (not really)

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Kim Letkeman
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Re: s100fs vs. EX-F1 vs. 400d Xti. - Mind made up (not really)

slade riley wrote:

I have had much deliberating this week as I am in the market for
something to upgrade to from my Fuji S20 Pro (not broken, works fine

Nice cam ... but an older gen and probably a little slow in handling.

I have been keenly interested in the s100fs, but also have been
wanting to take my photography to the next level with a DSLR. But at
the same time a high Fps camera (like the EX-F1) strikes my attention
(while I know the IQ will not be the same as fuji).

Sounds like you are feeling the need for a new toy. Your success with whatever you choose to keep will be determined only by what really floats your boat.

Well, last Friday a good friend of mine told me he was given a DSLR
(Canon 400d xti Kit / Sealed in box) and that he does not have a use
for it (he's not a camera person). So I offered him $400 and he
accepted. I pick it up later today.

Will I be happy? Will I lust for the s100fs? I am having second
thoughts now?

That's a great deal. If image quality floats your boat, then the S100fs will fade from your desires quickly ... but if all you want is a toy that makes you one of the kings of the FTF for a brief moment, you made the wrong choice.

The thing that has me confident in the 400DXti is the rating that DPR
gave it a while back.

Any dSLR by Canon, Nikon, Pentax or Sony is going to be a quantum leap above any small sensor cam in a very many areas.

Please help me to reason on this before it is too late.

Too late for what? The forum members have exactly zero invested in your happiness. Look inward ... the answers are all there

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