Wide-angle compact - Fuji F100fd or Canon/Nikon/Panasonic?

Started Mar 22, 2008 | Discussions thread
jimr Forum Pro • Posts: 11,405
Note The Canon SD870 Image Quality Rating Is Only...

7.5 which is typical of the Panasonic IQ ratings.

interbear wrote:

jimr wrote:

While the Canon is a nown quantity...a good thing....it is limited in
the tele end and is somewhat larger than the Nikon S600.
Handle both and you'll see what I mean.

Hi jimr - the Canon is a proven performer for sure. Generally very
positive reviews give or take the odd "distortion at wide-angle"
comment. I have handled it in store and it's compact enough for my
liking. The Nikon S600 is even smaller but I've not managed to find
one in the UK yet to have a play with. Still, the sample images
looked pretty good. So far, the Fuji looks the better all round
performer in terms of feature set and overall image quality. I was
travelling via Amsterdam Schipol today and the airport shop had the
F50fd which I assume is exactly the same size as the F100fd will be?
Like the Canon, seemed compact / pocketable enough to me.

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