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First, I do not know you. So though I'm honoured you called me "my friend" and "my dear", I can't take it seriously. Nor do I appreciate liberties.

Second, mathematics and physics are also about being pedantic.

I hope you knew what I was going to say on both accounts.

The second paper, however, leaves significant room to doubt the
correctness of your implied criticism of Dan

It does not. You may want to study demosaicing (and color management too btw) first before trying to discuss it. For now you role is of a pupil. Study, and ask the right questions. Those will still be answered if asked.

You also need to define "sharpening". Do you go by the definition
that is commonly accepted in image processing?

Another fatuous subterfuge: the refuge of the sophist.

Same, not. Before discussing anything terms should be agreed.

I have encountered many colleagues and graduate students
with personality weaknesses (read inferiority complexes)

I know, it is a contagious disease and I excuse you.

Mind you, not a single practical argument in defense of sharpening taking part in the process of demosaicing in all the words you typed.

So open your mind.

Those fora are to discuss photography and image processing. Please stay on topic.

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