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Re: Iliah, are you implying

This article introduces a new image sharpening approach suitable for
single-sensor digital cameras equipped with a Bayer color filter
array (CFA). The proposed solution firstly enhances the structural
content of the captured CFA image data. Subsequent demosaicking of
the enhanced CFA image data

Firstly enhances, then demosaics. I never wrote papers on that, instead I participated in implementation of such an approach in RML (2005) and RPP (2007).

This approach provides us with a means to denoise,
sharpen, and demosaic the image simultaneously.

Simultaniously as in one pass? Or is it a sharper demosaicing?

You also need to define "sharpening". Do you go by the definition that is commonly accepted in image processing?

Why would you think being an active raw converters developer I do not know what are the recent publications and algorithms?

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