Is Ansel Adams overrated?

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Well, you asked for it...(over a month ago...)

paperorplastic wrote:

Was he really that great?

Do I like his work? Yes.
Is it good? Yes.

Just good?

Is he some kind of photographic God? No.

Who ever said literally, "God"?

Is he a legend? Yes...but why?

Please see my comments below.

I am already ducking to dodge all the stones being cast my way but I
must say, (and maybe it was the cheesy music and the inflated sense
of DUTY and HONOR and SUCCESS), but I just finished watching this Ric
Burns PBS documentary and i kind of feel ill.

Why can't you separate the subject of the documentary from the producer? Is it really that difficult?

Has anyone seen it?

Please tell me why Ansel Adams should be worshipped, (rather than
just admired and respected), without insulting me.

Here is why:

I don't think that people of sound mind are literally recommending "worship" of Ansel Adams. They are deferring to a person that was so far above everyone except a couple of other photographers in that era that he deserves the ultimate amount of respect and honor.

Forget about the documentary. Study the man and his work. I mean really study his portfolio and what his technical resources were at the time. He took the equipment available and invented ways to improve his photographic results. Consider the technical and artistic merit of his work. If it were exhibited in an art gallery today as (never seen before) new material it would be hailed as the work of a genius. There are only two or three photographers currently that might possibly be considered his peers.

If you are still confused about why he is so "revered" after doing some detailed study of the man and his work, then I feel sorry for your inability to recognize the epitome of what is possible in this craft we call photography.


Many thanks!

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The 'Camera'...but a tool of the 'Artist'...the creator needs but a chalk and a slate to render immortality...

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