I have changed my mind.

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Mike Worley
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Hmmmm . . .

. . . very interesting points, Steve. Since I am somewhat technically challenged and reluctant to try to learn new stuff (just installed CS3 after buying it months ago), I never delved into the mysteries of Capture.

But with the flurry of poppies down here this year (by Arizona standards, anyhow) I was out photographing them in all kinds of light. Found that I consistently had to dial in -.7 or more of compensation so as not to blow the red channel (at least as far as ACR is concerned).

The result was images that were too dark and that I have not been sufficiently excited about to try to fix. Maybe some work with the Shadow/Highlight tool . . . I dunno. Anyhow, all of this really irritates me when I think of all the cholla I tangled with trying to get into just the right place.

Maybe I should give Capture a whirl. Or just photograph green stuff.


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