I have changed my mind.

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Re: Runs fine on this box...

Jake Loves Good Glass wrote:

Intel Core 2 Duo 6650 2.33ghz
Nvidia 9600 (actually worked fine with the old 8400 as well)
4 GB of Corsair gaming ram
Vista 32bit (although I will upgrade to 64 when I upgrade to quad
core and want more ram. Still bummed that I only get 3.25gb with
Vista 32)
Capture NX 1.3

If your computer can't handle it then maybe you should look at
upgrading. You can build this system with a good gygabit motherboard
and box for right about a thousand.

Just upgraded mine but even so I still prefer ACR. I've tried and tried but NX just isn't user friendly.
Perspective is Everything

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