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David: check these out.

David Chin wrote:

I have to admit being a little intimidated by what's required for

David: it's really no big deal to do the calibration once you've got the GretagMacbeth color checker (in the $70 range). However, I really do recommend you avoid the Fors method for either Rags or Tindemans. My strong preference is for Tindemans, but his method also works best (but not only) with his Scene-Referred method and his PS Action or his Luminosity plug-in, all of which is a bit more complicated.

The Fors script tends to produce colors that are a bit too saturated. You may, however, like this -- so who's to say?

If you are looking for information on the various scripts, I would not recommend the site you've listed. Rather, look at

Rags at:

Tindemans at:

Fors at:

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