Photo : My new F100 Vs old F31

Started Mar 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP e_fisheye Regular Member • Posts: 235
noisy, ugly ISO 3200 for F100

Dear Iran

The three ISO 3200 photo is taken at the same time, same lighting.

and to the contrary of what you guessed, the F100 photo (6MP fine mode) enjoyed more light with slower shutter speed 1/150 S, F3.3 while the F31 is less exposed at 1/250 s , F2.8.

All my dear friends here can't see the original photo, if you see, you certainly will find F100 is very very much poor for ISO 3200.

However, as sej1001 said, if you don't shoot at any iso over 800, then F100 isn't a bad choice for those without previous F series and F100 has the 28mm x5 with IS and 12MP.

My casual test found it might possibly look better at ISO 100, maybe due to higher pixel and IS.

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