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Re: It would be difficult NOT to perform those edits in PS3.

David Chin wrote:

... edits for huge volumes of pics, my preference is to use Nikon
Capture NX where I can concentrate on each image.

The reason I use NX can be summed up in the tutorial videos at
http://www.niksoftware.com/viveza/usa/entry.php especially the videos
titled Introduction and Adding Depth to an Image.

It would be difficult to perform those edits in PS3.


Given that Viveza is a Photoshop plugin (did you notice the title bar, top left, in the video you referred to?), it would be hard not to do that edit in PS3 (or at least PSE).

Far as I know, Viveza is not working on the RAW image, but on the interpretation of the RAW image as provided by ACR (egads!) and so, far as I know, Viveza has nothing to do with RAW conversion.

The default results from various RAW converters are certainly different, but I am not sure how you would qualify one as "better" than the others? My "preference" is for Lightroom/ACR conversions that are calibrated with the Fors script, yields very natural skin tones to my eyes. On the handful of images that I tried, I found nothing "special" about the NX conversion.

What was interesting about Steve's original post, is that he claims that he can do something in NX that he cannot do relatively easily in ACR (I am paraphrasing). Steve is a respected long-time poster, so I would be interested in seeing what he is seeing, but alas it does not appear that he is willing to share an image (too bad).

Kind regards,

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