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Re: no problem on my part

Dan wrote:

i use both Nikon Capture and ACR (CS3). I find the output of ACR is
excellant. A few years back I didn't care for ACR, the color profile
and white balance was always off (bad skin tones, color casts, stc),
since the introduction of CS3, ACR has improved quite a bit (ok 10
fold IMHO) and after years of being a faithful Capture user, I have
switched - the performance and output far exceeds what can be
obtained in Capture. I no longer find I need to tweak things to get
'great output', the ACR defaults are quite good. With the
introduction of tools such as highlight recovery, clarity, and
vibrance - CS3 has become the 'one to beat' tool as it's capabilities
far outperform that of Capture. I love Capture, but it's hard to go
back to after using ACR. If you are having problems, do a little
research and don't be frustrated - as someone who has used Photoshop
for over 10 years now, it does take time to understand it, but once
you master it the results are very rewarding.

You are correct. However, I have neen using Photoshop for 18 years (Feb 2000) and taught it at the local college. I pretty much know what it can do. :^) In fact, until this latest version of Capture it was my converter of choice. And, yes I still use it along with Capture.

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