Europeans NEC 2690WUXi users Poll

Started Mar 23, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Europeans NEC 2690WUXi users Poll

thanx guys for your feed back.

I assume, the issue is fixed. i wrote Nec asking for info about it, with no succes.

I am still puzzled with the doubt of getting this monitor or not.

This is intented for home-printing, nothing professional, but i would like to process my pictures in aRGB and get the best of the images. and as far as i understand , with a calibrated PVA panel and contrast superior to 850:1, i could not dial with propers colors in aRGB and high DR respectively that easy.

A salesman, said that 600:1 is the ideal contrast for a monitor for photo-editing.

i Noticed that high end monitors for this use, dont go up to 1000:1 in contrast, this comment of the salesman could be true.

thanx again


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