I have changed my mind.

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Runs fine on this box...

Intel Core 2 Duo 6650 2.33ghz
Nvidia 9600 (actually worked fine with the old 8400 as well)
4 GB of Corsair gaming ram

Vista 32bit (although I will upgrade to 64 when I upgrade to quad core and want more ram. Still bummed that I only get 3.25gb with Vista 32)
Capture NX 1.3

If your computer can't handle it then maybe you should look at upgrading. You can build this system with a good gygabit motherboard and box for right about a thousand.

Don't blaim the program, blaim old technology. NX runs fine on my Mac Mini and Macbook as well.

Any new computer can run NX just fine if you have a proper graphics set up. The video card I am using is complete over kill but I'll admit that I game from time to time and wanted the better card for that purpose. The 8400 ran smooth as silk while I was using it.

Adobe runs smoother on older computers because it is written for older technology. I appreciate NX's ability to address both cores on my processor when the horsepower is needed. Adobe only uses multi threading for a couple features but otherwise is a single thread program. Most of the architecture is designed with this older tech in mind and thus is a little more polite to resources. The new programs that need better resources will use them well if you have them and if you don't then they will run poorly. In my experience, having a good quantity of ram and a program that addresses both cores is a good way to go.

Also, Vista has the advantage of utilizing resources more efficiently. I know there are a lot of people that bad mouth the program, but like many things it's usually pilot error. There were some bugs but with the new service pack and a properly built machine it runs like a dream.

I do love my Macs as well, but with the price and performance of this new box I'm in love with Vista and NX.
Wow...that's a pretty killer camera! Are you any good?


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