D300 vs. D200 Autofocus

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Re: D300 vs. D200 Autofocus

What seems to be the consensus about the focusing speed and accuracy of the D300 vs. D200?

I really enjoyed the AF on the D200. It was easy to use and easy to learn. The speed was very good. In low light (very low light) it sometimes did hunt in an effort to focus.

When I received my D300 I was confussed when I first looked through the view finder. I actually hated the new AF system for the first two weeks that I owned the camera. Mainly because I did not understand it. Where did the AF points go in the view finder. Then it dawned on me, OMG how could they possibly fit 51 AF points in the view finder you would not be able to see the subject.

Now that I have learned the system and all of the modes, especially the 3D tracking mode, I can honestly say it is a great improvement over the D200. It is better in low light and much faster when it acquires an image. I am not that impressed with the 3D tracking but I was using it at a basketball game and for that venue it was not a good choice. The players all look the same and the 3D AF gets confussed and set to 51 the AF just bounced all over the screen. Useless. I finally switched it to AF-C and changed it to 21 Points Much better. Also in fully automatic and 51 points you dont see any AF points in the view finder the camera does all the work automatically. Takes a bit of trust in that mode as the camera really is in fully automatic and you dont see the AF points.

If you looking at the two, I can honestly say the D300 is much improved but be prepared to learn a totally new system as it really has no similarities to the old system at all. Totally redesigned.

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