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glasswave wrote:

My post
was offering an explanation that the early years of graphic design
were dominated by Macs due to their built in graphics, postcript
printing, and software to exploit it such Aldus page maker, Adobe
illustrator and the early versions of Photoshop.

When Windows 3.0 (I am not considering Window v1 or v2 as an OS) came
out pc´s immediately became capable of running all the core
publishing app´s and at that time a 486 running Windows for
workgroups was much faster and cheaper than any Mac.

That was 1990. Page Maker and illustrator were mid 80s, photoshop late 80s. Those year of being the defacto standard is the origin of its reputation. The "combination" of tech that made it happen in the mid 80s was:

Over time, Mac has been better for graphics based work because of
high resolution graphics, fast co-processors, proportional fonts,
graphics and publishing software, postcript support,
development of high speed interfaces and a lot other
physical and philosophical factors.

So not

Misleading and erroneous:

You have just asked one of the most difficult questions. Not because
the answer is difficult, the answer is Mac, by a long long way.

Not true, or at least highly debatable, either system is an equally
viable photo editing platform.

A Mac is a PC and a Mac. It has exactly the same benefits as the PC and then add more on top.

The problem with PCs is this 'catching up' process usually comes at a
cost. A monetary cost, or an effort cost, or a disruption cost.

erroneous: I have clients that have been producing various sorts of
graphics using pc´s and saving lot´s of cash in the process

Maybe in your context, but in mine, there was a whole range of unsuitable hardware that had to be replaced. One example was audio video. 1st The AV hard drives (that didn't thermally re-calibrate while writing, to avoid audio or video drop out) were initially SCSI which was not standard on PCs. Also many of the mother board bios chipset were incapable of seeing drives of the size required for AV work. So catching up in this area required new mother boards (most bios could not be reflashed back then), new scsi host adapters and sometimes new housings to hold it. With the new motherboards often came the re-assignment of IRQs to get all the cards working again. These are the examples of costs and hassles I was referring to.

So while you can today buy a cheap PC that will start out life
suitable for a wide variety of photography or video based activities,
those PCs are ill equipped to deal with the chronic software abuse
they will be subjected to in modern life and a great many will simply
slow down and crumple under the weight of noughties living.

Erroneous: All computers require management. A pc must be properly
maintained and safe guarded as well as a mac.

I'm afraid not. Macs run their required maintenance in the early hours of the morning or on start up. I just sold an 18 month old MBP that was running as smoothly as the day it was bought.

Even when running in PC mode, the virual machine is a single file so while the PC side gets cluttered, the Mac side doesnt.

The are tons of security threats to OS X
as well. Most of which are not being exploited because of it´s tiny
market share. Check my other post.

Just plain wrong. Seriously, if you take one thing away from this discussion, make it this. There have been discovered vulnerabilities, but no attempted exploits have succeeded into the wild, and therefore no live security threats. Even after the Jan 2007 month of bugs hot air that blew itself cold very quickly. Even after the illegal contest was initiated to get an exploit into the wild. It has nothing to do with market share, and everything to do with OS security. There may be occasional threats from social networking exploits, but these rely on user foolishness and the ability of an exploit to freely propagate itself to cause a spread is minimal to the extreme.

Whilst these are not visible in the way that a proportional font or
high resolution graphic was visible, they become visible and tangible
once you become assimilated in the Mac. A system that helps and
guides, not fights and frustrates, where the focus is no longer the
system, but the application and data being worked.

This is merley philosophical. In general, while easier to learn, I
believe the Mac os usually requirtes more clicks to achieve the same

It's not about clicks, or anything to do with the user interface, its about what's under the hood, at the core of the OS and how it works together at what those things then make possible. Not one big key feature, but dozens of useful features that get extended and enhanced on each release. Spotlight, Quickview, Coverflow, Time Machine, Data detection, Meta data extension, Automator, Bonjour, the way 64 bit and multiple cores (CPU and GPU) are handled, intergrated development, instrumentation. These are key enabling technologies that pave the way to better perfoming, more feature rich applications.


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