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Re: You should have waited for the A300

I have been reading this thread with some interest as I have gone back and forth between the digicams and dslrs over the last 10 years. I ended up going to a Canon 20d with a fair investment in Canon glass (including L lenses). I was never disappointed in the IQ or features. The only thing I really disliked about Canon was the very high cost to get the range and large aperture lenses I needed, and the fact that to be flexible when trudging into the woods I would be carrying 20lbs of stuff. Those f2.8 long lenses weigh a ton.

The most fun I have had over the last couple years has been with bridge cameras. It started with the Oly C-2100 UZ and ended with a KM A2 (which I loved), but gave up to afford the 20d. Now with KM gone, it probably worked out though it was a remarkable camera. I now have a Pani TZ3, Pani LX2, Canon G9 and a Oly e510. All of them have a unique purpose. I do wish I could have single bridge camera that was the weight of a small dslr with a good 28-300mm zoom at f2.8-f4.0 with IS..oh yes, and a 8mp sensor and a good ISO 800 mode.

The only reason I have the e510 is for low light pictures that my other cameras don't cover well. I am hopefull that the S100fs can fill this gap and if so the Oly is history.



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